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NSCAA Level 1 Futsal Diploma

The growth of futsal in the United States is not going unnoticed as players and coaches have started realizing the benefits for player development. The National SoccerNSCAA Coaches Association of America and U.S. Futsal have joined forces to create the first-ever NSCAA Diploma for futsal. This co-branded program is both online and in-person.

This is the latest initiative from NSCAA and U.S. Futsal to provide coaches with the opportunity to expand their credentials and knowledge of futsal. 

Futsal News: The National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) and U.S. Futsal have partnered to introduce their first-ever coaching course for the fast paced, action-packed soccer variation that is taking the United States by storm.  For over thirty years,  US Futsal (USFF) has been the force behind Futsal growing in America and has sponsored futsal league play as well as hosted tournaments for players of all levels.

Futsal is the fast, action-packed, five-a-side version of soccer played on a basketball or futsal court and with a heavier, low-bounce ball. Great for training and enhancing soccer technique and skills, Pele, Ronaldo and Messi are just a few of the famous soccer players who have played Futsal.  Futsal is the official indoor soccer game of FIFA and is amazingly popular all over the world. Futsal is the official indoor soccer game of FIFA and is amazingly popular all over the world.  Coaches and players around the world see futsal as an electrifying game that provides aspects of technical and tactical benefits that are transferable to outdoor soccer.

Futsal is the five-a-side version of soccer played on a basketball-size court and with a low-bounce ball. It is the official indoor soccer game of FIFA and is one of the most popular soccer variations in the world.

“We’re very pleased to be developing this valuable diploma course for soccer coaches,” said NSCAA CEO Lynn Berling- Manuel in an earlier press release. “U.S. Futsal has been promoting futsal for 35 years and this partnership ensures that coaches are receiving first-class training.”

Alexander J.C. Para, President & CEO of United States Futsal Federation (USFF). Under the banner of United States Soccer, U.S Futsal is the Governing Body ...“The game of futsal has been the learning ground for some of the greatest players that have ever stepped on a soccer field,” said Alex Para, President and CEO of U.S. Futsal.

“The NSCAA has been educating soccer coaches for years, and through this great partnership, we will work together to educate our coaches on how to use futsal as a way to improve the technical skills of our soccer players.”

“Futsal has taken off across the U.S. with programs and facilities cropping up everywhere,” said Berling- Manuel.  “But the resources for quality coach education have not existed. We’re pleased to have U.S. Futsal contribute its expertise to make sure this course is the definitive coaching education opportunity for futsal.” “Futsal fever” is contagious. Players love playing futsal and youth soccer coaches have begun to see the technical and tactical benefits on the soccer field.  The NSCAA Level 1 Futsal Diploma serves as an introduction to futsal and consists of eight core and five age appropriate modules. By the end of the course the NSCAA Level 1 Futsal Diploma Course candidate will have gained knowledge of the following objectives:

  • Learn about important contributions futsal can offer coaching education programs for youth coaches.
  • Understand the basic techniques and tactics associated with futsal.
  • Have a perspective on the history of the game.
  • Gain awareness of the rules that give futsal its unique character through a comprehensive Futsal rules video.
  • Identify similarities and differences between futsal and outdoor soccer.
  • Appreciate the role futsal can play in young player development.
  • Receive 30 training activities appropriate for players in Stages 1-5 of development (3-18 years old), in full color PDF and video.
  • Know how to start a futsal team or league with U.S. Futsal.

This NSCAA Diploma is available now online here.

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