July 31,2017 Berkeley, Ca – The 32nd. United States Futsal National Championship concluded Sunday July 16th after four days of exciting and intense competition. The Biggest, Oldest and Most Prestigious Futsal Competition in the United States ended with teams from six regions competing. Close to 200 men’s and women’s futsal teams from across the United States competed for the title of National Champions. They made up 24 different categories in both men and women, with group play comprising the opening round, before the knockout stages reduce the field until a Champion was crowned in each division. The U.S. Futsal National Championships have grown each year, and this year is no exception. We have seen a growth between 25-35% in all our Regional Championships, said Alex Para, President and CEO, as teams from across the country compete to be named U.S. Futsal National Champion. For this reason to accommodate the courts we needed all of the 100,000 square feet facility.”

Fifty (52) referees from across the country were invited to compete in this tournament. U.S. Futsal has trained the highest level of Futsal Referees in the United States with four (4) of them having refereed the Final of a Futsal World Cup Championship

This year’s winners are attached. Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that the National Champions Men’s winners, Futsal Elite from Utah, will be participating in the CONCACAF Club Championship in Honduras later the August.

U.S. Futsal Congratulates all of the teams that participated in the 2017 U.S. Futsal National Championship for their hard work, dedication and camaraderie throughout the Championship.

U.S. Futsal was founded in 1981 and for 36 years has been governing the sport of futsal in the United States. It brought the game to the U.S. in 1981 and became a National Affiliate Member of U.S. Soccer in 1988, and in 1994 signed the Memorandum of Understanding with U.S. Youth Soccer and become a member of U.S. Youth Soccer on January 2015. U.S. Futsal is the Futsal Member affiliated to U.S. Soccer and U.S. Youth Soccer.

U.S. Futsal not only governs leagues at the Youth, Adult and Professional levels, but also oversees the U.S. Futsal State Cups, U.S. Futsal Regional Championships and the U.S. Futsal National Championships each year. The U.S. Futsal National Championship is the “Oldest, Biggest and Most Prestigious Futsal competition in CONCACAF”

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