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U.S. Soccer elects new President

February 10, 2018 – Berkeley, CA –  United States Futsal is proud to announce that Carlos Cordeiro has been elected U.S. Soccer President at today’s Annual General Meeting. Mr Cordeiro has an extensive background that he brings to the position and is an consummate professional.  His talents, dedication and passion for the game will enable him to lead U.S. Soccer into a bright future. Alexander Para, President and CEO of U.S. Futsal has stated that Mr. Cordeiro is an individual that is highly respected in the soccer and Futsal community and has the total support of U.S. Futsal

Mr. Cordeiro will address the many issues facing the growth of the game, among these players and referees and the upcoming bid for the FIFA World Cup. Mr. Georgio Zervos from U.S. Futsal that was also attending the AGM, said Mr. Cordeiro not only has invaluable experience but also the temperament and understanding to be  a highly impactful and inspirational leader.

Mr. Cordeiro will take over an non-profit organization with a large staff of around 150 people and budget of more than $90M.

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