A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player, including any kind of jewelry.

Basic Equipment

The basic compulsory equipment of a player is:

· a jersey or shirt
· shorts – If thermal under shorts are worn, they are of the same main color as the shorts
· socks
· shin-guards
· footwear – the only types of footwear permitted are canvas or soft-leather training or gymnastic shoes with soles of rubber or a similar material. The use of footwear is compulsory
· numbers on jersey and shorts will be shown in contrasting colors


Decisions of the Referee

The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final.




· are covered entirely by the socks
· are made of a suitable material  (rubber, plastic or similar substances)
· provide a reasonable degree of protection


· the goalkeeper is permitted to wear long trousers
each goalkeeper wears colors which easily distinguish him from the other players and the referees

If a field player replaces a goalkeeper, the goalkeeper’s jersey worn by the player must be marked on the back with the player’s own number


For any Infringement of this Law:

· the player at fault is instructed by the referee to leave the playing court to correct his equipment or to obtain any missing item of equipment. The player may not return to the playing court without first reporting to one of the referees, who then checks that the player’s equipment is now correct. The player is only allowed to re-enter the game when the ball is out of play