Futsal LAW II – The Ball

Qualities and Measurements
The ball is:


· made of leather or other suitable material

· of a circumference of not less than 62 cm and not more than 64 cm

· not less than 400 grams nor more than 440 grams in weight at the  start  of the game

· of a pressure equal to 0.4-0.6 atmosphere (400-600g/cm²) at sea level

Replacement of a Defective Ball

If the ball bursts or becomes defective during the course of a game: ·the game is stopped

·the game is restarted by dropping the replacement ball at the place where the first   ball became defective If the ball bursts or becomes defective while not in play, at a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, penalty kick or kick-in:

·the game is restarted according to the Laws   The ball may not be changed during the game without the permission of the referee.


·   Decision 1 

 Felt balls are not permitted for international games.

·  Decision 2

The ball may not bounce less than 50 cm nor more than 65 cm on the first rebound when dropped from a height of 2 m.   In competition games, only balls which meet the minimum technical requirements stipulated in Law 2 are permitted for use.

In FIFA competition games, and in competition games organised under the auspices of the confederations, acceptance of a ball for use is conditional upon the ball bearing one of the following three designations:

–  The official “FIFA APPROVED” logo or –  The official “FIFA INSPECTED” logo or –  The reference “INTERNATIONAL GAME BALL STANDARD”   Such a designation on a ball indicates that is has been tested officially and found to be in compliance with specific technical requirements, different for each category and additional to the minimum specifications stipulated in Law 2. The list of the additional requirements specific to each of the respective categories is to be issued by FIFA. The institutes conducting the tests are selected by FIFA.   National associations can impose the use of balls bearing any one of these three designations for their own competitions.   In all other games the ball used must fulfill the requirements of Law II.   In the event that a national association imposes the use of balls bearing the FIFAAPPROVED or the FIFA INSPECTED logos for its own competitions, that national association must also permit the use of balls bearing the royalty free “international Game ball Standard” designation. In FIFA competition games and in competition games organized under the auspices of the confederations and national associations, no kind of commercial advertising on the ball is permitted, except for the emblem of the competition, the competition organizer and the authorized trademark of the manufacturer. The competition regulations may restrict the size and number of such markings.

Felt balls are not permitted for international games.