A timekeeper and a third referee are appointed. They are seated outside the playing court at the halfway line on the same side as the substitution zone.

The timekeeper and the third referee are equipped with a suitable clock  (chronometer) and necessary equipment to indicate accumulated fouls, to be supplied by the association or club on whose playing court the game is being played.

The Timekeeper: 


· ensures that the duration of the game complies with the provisions of Law VIII by
· starting his clock (chronometer) after kick-off
· stopping the clock (chronometer) when the ball is out of play
· restarting it after a kick-in, a goal clearance, a corner kick, a free kick, kicks from the penalty mark or second penalty mark, a time-out or a dropped ball
· controls the one-minute time-out
· controls the two-minute punishment period when a player has been sent off
·  indicates the end of the first half, the end of the game, the end of the periods of extra time and the end of time-outs with a whistle or some other acoustic signal distinct from those used by the referees
· keeps a record of all time-outs left to each team, keeps the referees and teams accordingly informed and indicates permission for time-out when requested by the coach of either team (Law VIII)
· keeps a record of the first five fouls registered by the referees by each team in each  half of the game and signals when the fifth foul is committed by either team

The Third Referee

The third referee assists the timekeeper. He                                   .                                                       .


· keeps a record of the first five fouls committed by each team in each half which have been registered by the referees and signals when the fifth foul is committed by either team
·  keeps a record of stoppages in the game and the reasons for them 
· takes note of the numbers of the players who score goals
· recalls the names and numbers of the players cautioned or sent off   
· provides any other information relevant to the game

In the event of undue interference by the timekeeper or the third referee, the referee  will relieve either of them of their duties, arrange for their replacement and report to the appropriate authorities. 

In case of injury, the third referee may replace either the referee or the second referee.


· Decision 1
For international games the use of a timekeeper  and third referee is compulsory.
· Decision 2
For international games, the clock (chronometer) used must incorporate all the necessary functions (precise time-keeping, a device to time the two-minute punishment period for four players simultaneously and to monitor the accumulation of fouls by each team during each half of the game).