Start a US Futsal League


If you want to organize a Futsal league, read on.  This section has been written to help in the initial formation of that League.  The following is a step by step guide to aid in creating a Futsal League structure sanctioned by your State Futsal Association.

Step 1:  Contact your State Futsal Association for assistance, rules and training guides.
Step 2: Call your local library, school or other public facility and request permission to hold an initial organizational meeting on their premises, secure a date, time and place.
Step 3: Hold an initial meeting of interested people you know who are or might be interested in helping you establish the league.
Step 4: During the meeting find out how many people you can count on to help.
Find out how many people have played Futsal before.
Assign the formation of a Futsal team to each on of the members of the group.
Devise a plan at the meeting for promotion of the new league; use of radio, newspapers, TV, posters, etc.
Appoint a person to organize Futsal clinics and contact the State Association for assistance.
Appoint a committee to begin immediate work on the Constitution and By-Laws of the new League.
Call the State Association and request they put on a seminar on league organization and structure.
Step 5: Begin placing posters around the community (grocery stores, places of business), schools, churches, libraries and sports facilities informing people of the next organizational meeting and Futsal teams sign-ups.
Step 6: Send press releases to the local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations (See sample press release on last column).
Step 7: Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and ask them to spread the word of your new league. Ask your friends to spread information by word of mouth. Call civic clubs, churches and relatives.
Step 8: Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and request lists of all areas churches and corporations in your area.
Step 9: Contact the Churches in your community and request permission to put on a Futsal clinic at the Churches.
Step 10: Contact the corporations employee relations or human resources department and request permission to put on a Futsal clinic at the Churches.
Step 11: Contact youth programs in your community and request permission to put on a Futsal clinic for their parents. Invite the parents to form teams.
Step 12: Contact the elementary schools and get a list of parents. Write a general letter to parents about the Futsal League.
Step 13: Contact area shopping malls and request permission to put a special booth advertising your Futsal program in the mall.
Step 14: Contact the local sporting goods stores and ask them if they will make player applications forms available to their customers.
Step 15: Obtain a sponsor to help with the promotion and advertising of the program.